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  • Devian — He deals with plot, location development, animations, C#, Unity, and other stuff.
  • Agnessa — She deals with game art, animations, location designs and development, and other visual content.
  • Juliana  – Our cherished translator.

Initially, we had our own dreams: someone wanted to write, someone wanted to draw and someone wanted to translate books. One day we combined our desires. Thus, how we started working on our first game. We all constantly improve our skills, s to make our games become more fascinating and good-looking.

Some time ago we started developing a fantasy game called the Threads of Destiny as a visualization of one short story that takes place somewhere on the edge of the Universe we had invented over the years. It started as a kind of hobby, a passion that gradually turned into something greater.

 We began creating our first game by narrating the backgrounds of all the characters important to the plot. Unfortunately, we were not ready for the big project that the short story would once become.

Knowledge, skills and experience,  all of them come with time, so, we decided to reconsider the approach and focus on short-term goals like filling in the plot, structuring the narration and so going towards our goal.

Anybody who wishes to get to know our work better is welcome to dive into exciting adventures in the expanses of the Aeternitas Universe.

First of all, you will see the heroes you encountered in the Threads of Destiny, and go with them all the way, beyond the stories we managed to show in our first work.

 Gradually you will be able to visit the majestic intersection of all worlds – Tar Abelem, and learn the secrets of the Ellestial Initiative, find out the reasons for the emergence of ascension and rebirth opportunities in the Universe, and learn the history and reasons for the destruction of the First Universe, get to know the reverse side – the wrong side of the world – Ain’Sol, and also have a glimpse of the essence of Destiny.

What’s more, you will find out the origins of the appearance of light and dark aether – Elest, and the dangers that are fraught with not only its use but also its presence in this Universe.

Besides, you will learn the history of the emergence of the D’havol Confederation and the reasons for the ongoing war between them and the Aueres Alliance for many millennia. You will also face many trials that await the heroes of our stories and shed light on many other secrets that await on the way to finding balance in the Universe.

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Latest News

December news

Greetings! We are still alive, just got very passionate about game development 😃 Follow this link and you will see several screenshots of the interim stage of work on the location of the Slaves of the Sands game. And this is a video of some part of the intro of the Naitras: Heir of the…

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October News

Greetings! We have got some news to share: To begin with, while examining the features of Unity and improving our skills in working on it, we transferred TOD Fragments: Special Fun to it, which had previously been released on RPGMakerMV. If you have already played TOD Fragments: Special Fun before, you will find hardly anything…

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Elli’s room when she was 11 years old.

There are 4 variants of the location planned: when Elli was a baby, when she was 11 years old, 15 or 16-year-old Elli’s room, and when Elli was 18. The variants differ from each other in some details and the pieces of furniture. This location of grown-up Elli will be finalized along with the game’s…

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Riera taye-Sha. Elli’s mom.

Name: Riera taye-Sha Age: 204 at the moment when the events of the Heir of Taye game got started. Riera’s past: Riera taye-Sha is the daughter of the previous Elder of the village – Ne’taore. He was the fifth Elder beginning at the time when the Nefeer race settled in Naitras. From an early age,…

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