October News


We have got some news to share:

To begin with, while examining the features of Unity and improving our skills in working on it, we transferred TOD Fragments: Special Fun to it, which had previously been released on RPGMakerMV.

If you have already played TOD Fragments: Special Fun before, you will find hardly anything new in this version, except for optimization and various improvements.

Special Fun is only available for Windows users so far, but it will be adjusted to mobile devices, Linux, and Mac in the future.

Windows version can be downloaded via these links:

Slaves of the Sands

The next news is about the work on Slaves of the Sands. The work on the main location is progressing, we have run a number of tests on lighting and normal maps to achieve a fine perception of the atmosphere of the game. We will share the results of this work with you as soon as it is ready to be presented.


And the final news relates to the work on the overall story of the game Naitras: Threads of Destiny. We mentioned a while ago that we were planning to write a series of books on this story before we start transferring Threads of Destiny to the Unity engine. And I have almost finished writing the first book in the series.

The plot is revealed exactly how I would like it to, without regard to how it could be implemented in a 2D game. I won’t post any details about the book so far.

The same applies to the lore of the game universe. It is constantly being updated and expanded with details to create a solid, structured base upon which we build the story elements of our planned games.

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