Риера тэй-Ша - Мама Элли.

Name: Riera taye-Sha

Age: 204 at the moment when the events of the Heir of Taye game got started.

Riera’s past:

Riera taye-Sha is the daughter of the previous Elder of the village – Ne’taore. He was the fifth Elder beginning at the time when the Nefeer race settled in Naitras.

From an early age, Riera wanted to become a huntress as much as she wanted to learn the history of her people. Unfortunately, only the warriors and defenders were in high demand in the village, due to the danger coming from the Erakhs – a deadly race of insectoids, once created by the D’havols, who invaded Naitras to hunt the fugitive Nefeers. Therefore, Riera diligently devoted herself to training to become a huntress and to continue the tradition of her family. Unlikely, it didn’t last long. An unexpected event happened when she was 20. The event got her, a young and promising woman, into despair.

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