Aeternitas: Fall of the F’yar (18+)

The second of the two backstories of the game Threads of Destiny, in which you will learn the story of a girl named Agnemi, better known as Yumi from our first game.


This game will take you back over a thousand years before the events of Naitras: Threads of Destiny where you will meet a girl named Agnemi Bryce. She lives on the planet F’yar and is the heiress of a wealthy and influential family of bioengineers.

At the beginning of the game, the girl is studying at the university and is working hard in one of the government bio labs as a graduate student, trying to help find a cure for a serious disease that has affected some part of her kind over the past few decades. Agnemi is driven not so much by the desire to help all, but by the desire to save her beloved sister, who got that incurable disease as well.

It would seem that the cure has almost been found when on one of the working days Professor Allan Tyrell, who teaches bioengineering in Agnemi’s department and works in the same government bio lab, gets arrested by government special services. Before his arrest, he manages to give the girl something that can challenge the whole idea of the causes of the disease. This is where the girl’s peaceful life ends, and she faces a harsh reality where government agents are on her heels, but the worst thing is that the D’havol Confederation’s navy invades the orbit around the planet.

Game Features and Development history:

We will share the details on this game as soon as we finish developing Naitras: Heir of the Taye.