Naitras: Threads of Destiny (18+)

Threads of Destiny 0.2.4 – Detailed news

Now let’s move on to what has been added in this version.


  • The first half of the new quest has been completed. This quest will open access to a storyline dedicated to some of the inhabitants of the brothel in Aklorion and their stories;
  • A new dialogue with Umi in the Alchemy laboratory has been added. And there is one more dialogue with Umi in Sardo’s study;
  • The dialogue with Elli about her mental abilities has been edited;
  • Now there is a way to learn a little about Violetta’s past (the girl from the brothel). And there are a couple of additional dialogues with her;
  • Some more dialogues have been added to the quest Louise Ransom;


  • All the graphics required for the Alchemy laboratory have been done. As new recipes are added, different animations will be added as well;
  • 4 arts with action variations for a new event in Aklorion. All arts for this event are static, but half of them will be animated in the next version;
  • A bust of a new character, and different clothing variations for a new storyline event;
  • Bust of Milta, Melanie’s sister. Her bust is now set to all the dialogues with her;
  • Milta’s variation of clothes;
  • Melanie’s naked bust has been added;
  • An additional variation of Leonora’s art scene in her bedroom when Folkert attacks her;
  • Two new animations for Umi’s examination event: a missing choke animation and one more additional pose;
  • Augur’s coin has been added (the item will be needed later in the story).

Sprite – characters, and locations:

  • 3 new locations in the game have become available. All lighting options are set in them;
  • 5 locations and brothel interiors have been updated, as well as the ground in front of the brothel;
  • Several new sprite sets for Sardo have been added;
  • Sprite set of a new character, as well as a variation of its appearance;
  • Milta’s sprites in different clothes.

Technical aspect and interface:

  • All the main things related to the Alchemical laboratory have been almost finished. The necessary interfaces and functionality are ready. It will be replenished with new content as the story develops, but it will take less time to fill it with new items.
  • The sex system has been redesigned. All other scenes which require this interface will be upgraded in a similar way.
  • Violetta’s first scene has been redesigned to match the new sex system. Besides, this scene has been improved, and it became possible to play this sex scene again using the mechanics of the new sex system on repeated visits to the brothel.
  • The progress bars functionality has been improved. More details can be seen in the interface of the Alchemical and Sex systems.
  • A Disclaimer has been introduced which will start along with the game. Besides, there will be a page with links to various sections that have answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Later, it will be possible to disable the display of that page each time the game is starts.
  • Now, the female dwellers of the manor will no longer appear in the journal naked at night time. They will be displayed in either current casual clothes or armor (in the future versions).
  • Some plugins and other game functionality have been improved.
  • The Main Menu has got a sub-menu which will contain information on updates;

Bugs fixed:

  • An error was found at the auction at the beginning of the game;
  • An error which occurred before leaving for Artaun. It was troublesome to get to the beginning of the event.
  • An issue with horse animations.

We will post our plans for the next version later. That’s all for now. Enjoy the game!


The plot of the game intertwines the fate of many story characters, important both for the past and for the future of the Aeternitas Universe. All the secrets of the world of Naitras are about to be revealed. The main character, Sardo, is a talented wizard, and heir to an ancient family.

You will face the unknown, find out the reasons for D’havols’ invasion of this unremarkable world on the outskirts of the Universe, and unravel the tangle of secrets and intrigues that have been woven around his ancestors and family for almost a thousand years since the defeat of the D’havols.

Game development history:

  • We started developing games with this project, which, due to lack of experience and knowledge in programming, was based on RPGMaker MV.
  • While developing the game, we made some mistakes, as we are not professionals in the field of game development, besides, it all started as a hobby. Therefore, having taken into consideration all the issues, we want to redo the Naitras: Threads of Destiny, starting with the plot and finishing with the engine.
  • I would like to note that the plot will not go through significant changes; it will just become more intense and interesting. It is like a mosaic: some parts of it are assembled, others are placed incorrectly, so they need to be reconsidered and reassembled, yet most of the overall picture has not been assembled.
  •  The engine we chose at that time could not provide the required quality and stability of the game on different platforms.
  • But now that we have changed the engine, we are one step closer to making games the way we want them to be. In fact, we are now limited only by the level of our skills, which will grow and improve over time.

But all this will not happen until preliminary steps are taken. Therefore, we decided to take on other games from the game Universe, gain knowledge, and gradually recruit a good team of developers who can help us turn our fantasies into reality, and only after that we will be able to take on such a big project as Naitras: Threads of Destiny.

Right now, we are working on other games such as Naitras: Heir of the Taye and Naitras: Slaves of the Sands

Game Features:

The main focus of the game is accentuated on the plot and the relationship of the characters.

Extended plot. The main events of the plot have thickened for a thousand years before the protagonist got involved, so he has to do both to cope with dangers and to fight an enemy that he has never even seen before; meanwhile, his enemy knows almost everything about him;

Lots of stories. During his adventures, the main character meets many colorful characters, and the overall success, as well as the future of the entire Eveer continent, depends on the choice made in such stories;

A lot of characters with who you can have a romantic relationship. These can be both episodic relationships, and more significant ones that can have a certain impact on the development of the plot in certain aspects;

Many explicit scenes which are well woven into the overall plot. 18+ content warning;

Economic aspect. You have to restore, develop and strengthen the economy of your province. Protect inhabitants from rampant crime, restore forts and prepare for war by gathering your private army and establishing diplomatic relations with influential personalities in the kingdom, and finding support in neighboring countries;

Combat system. The battles will take place in a tactical turn-based mode, in which you have to control one or more heroes and correctly use the advantages of each of them to defeat enemy units.

The game will be developed on the Unity engine using 2D and 3D graphics, but the environment will retain its original visual style as it was in ToD v 0.2.4. In fact, we will use our first game as a concept for the new one to be created on, avoiding all the mistakes of our first attempt, but in a 3D environment and with 3D characters in locations. At the same time, the main idea with full-size busts of characters in the dialogues, and all the characters you already know will remain almost untouched.

I would like to draw special attention to the fact that the content you saw in the first game will be partially transferred to the new one. That is to say that character busts, many arts, and animated scenes that will match the quality of the new game will remain as in the old version of the game.

Although all our efforts are directed to the development of other games, the work on Naitras: Threads of Destiny, its editing and finalizing of the plot is on, smoothly flowing into writing a set of books, which, we will definitely professionally translate into English after their release. 


October News

Greetings! We have got some news to share: To begin with, while examining the features of Unity and improving our skills in working on it, we transferred TOD Fragments: Special Fun to it, which had previously been released on RPGMakerMV. If you have already played TOD Fragments: Special Fun before, you will find hardly anything…

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