Naitras: Heir of the Taye

Naitras: Heir of the Taye

First of the two backstories of Threads of Destiny, which tell about a girl named Elli, her fears, and the difficulties she is going to face.


This game tells a story about a girl named Elli who was born in the world of Naitras, almost a thousand years after the events that had forced her ancestors to leave their home planet. You will get to know Elli better, as you will walk through a hard period of her life, from the difficult growing-up period to the events that brought her to the slave market away from her native village.

The game will reveal many secrets of the Nefeer race, as well as the true story of its appearance in the world of Naitras.

Game Features:

  • The game is being developed as a mix of Adventure, Metroidvania, and Platformer genres. We shall not say anything about the dominant part of this mixture. You will see it as the game is developed and progressed;
  • The game is being developed on Unity Engine in 2D;
  • We make the game in 1080p, so all arts will be drawn in high quality;
  • The plot of the game covers several events of particular importance to Elli from her childhood, adolescence, and events shortly before she leaves her homeland;
  • You will get to know Elli’s homeland and the dense forests of Virderin;
  • While playing, you will learn the dark secret of the Nefeer race, which we did not have time to reveal in the main game, but has found its rightful place in this game. You will also learn the story of the appearance of the Nefeers in the Naitras world;
  • Besides, you will get to know Yumi better and learn some facts about her past. There will also be some other important story characters that will later appear in the main Threads of Destiny game;
  • Heir of the Taye will end at the point where the main game Naitras: Threads of Destiny starts;
  • The game will have a combat system based on Elli’s specific physical condition. It will be possible to join the battle only under certain conditions. Otherwise, you will have to flee or hide from enemies. We’ll tell you more about it when all the animations and code necessary for this will be ready. 
  • The game will let you interact with the outside world, and seek help from animals that inhabit the surrounding forests;


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