News on the game Heir of the Taye

Hello everyone!

We have some news about the current stage of work on the game.

We have prepared a lot of environment sprites, and some of them have been assembled into a composition, which can be viewed at the links below.

A small Demo will be released in April, where you can feel part of the work we have done, get acquainted with the basic game mechanics at the test location, as well as look at the general visual style of the environment, some effects, and some of the game animations of the main character!

At this stage, the most challenging thing for us is to draw the necessary amount of visual elements – elements of locations, environments, textures, and backgrounds from which we assemble the game. We had some thought and rethinking regarding the visual style of the game, and some work had to be redone from scratch in order to finally come to the exact style that became the basis of the game. Therefore, some of what we have already shown before has also undergone some changes and improvements during this time.

Some information about the first book:

At the moment, it has been written 2/3 of the planned volume, and about half has already been subtracted and cleaned up. I planned to release the book earlier, but I had to postpone it in order to take a break from writing and look at the text with a fresh look while proofreading.

Also, a little news on the site – Russian localization of all main sections has been added. In the future, this will also apply to all previously released news.

Best wishes, ElisarStudio

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