News and first test Build

Hello everyone!

We would like to share some of our developments on Naitras: Heir of the Taye.

There is already something to show, but this is just a small fragment of the work we have done, which is more or less suitable for review.

The first test build can be downloaded in this post. 

Now, some information:

So, in this build, you will be able to see two locations.

The first is a test one, for the most part, I just studied, set up, and tested different mechanics, quests, dialogues, interaction with the environment, and other mechanics, but so far I can only show part of it, because for the rest somewhere there are not enough animations, but what – something has not been brought to a state suitable for review.

The second one is one of the small locations that you will see directly in the main game. Just want to warn you that the graphics are not final.

The drawn sprites that you will see in this location in many places are not yet finished and our artist will later go through all the objects of the environment and finalize the details.

After that, we will add normal maps to the game to give the environment more depth.

The same goes for various effects and unique environment animations, all of which will be added later.

The dialogue system is completely ready, but alas, it will not be possible to touch it, because due to an error that has crept into the code, when compiling the game assembly for tests, the dialogue system does not work correctly, therefore, for now, we can only show dialogues on video. I tried to fix the problem, but I didn’t have time before leaving, so I’ll deal with this problem next week when we return home.

The visual part of the dialog system interface presented in the video will also undergo major changes and improvements.

We do not show the various menus of the interface yet, since they are at the initial stage of development, as well as the save and load functionality.


As far as writing a book on Threads of Destiny, during the trip I will focus on finishing the first volume and proofreading and editing it completely. The trip will not be very long, but during it, we will continue to work in our free time.

Best wishes,

ElisarStudio Team

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