Naitras: Slaves of the Sands (18+)

It is an experimental mini-project, a kind of slave trainer simulator, which is being developed in our spare time from working on Naitras: Heir of the Taye. We once wanted to include slave training mode in the main Threads of Destiny game, but it looked inappropriate and troublesome for it.


A short story about a young and lively young man named Abraham, who lost everything. But either by the will of fate or at the behest of higher powers, he succeeds in life, after having walked a long way from a poor street thief to a powerful merchant. I believe the players who have played the old version of Threads of Destiny will easily recall that man.

Game Features:

I won’t tell you anything about it yet, because we work on it only on those days when we get really tired of working on Naitras: Heir of the Taye. This game is kind of a way to have a short break.

Game development history:

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December news

Greetings! We are still alive, just got very passionate about game development ? Follow this link and you will see several screenshots of the interim stage of work on the location of the Slaves of the Sands game. And this is a video of some part of the intro of the Naitras: Heir of the…

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First news about Slaves of the Sands

Salute! The time has come to share some news about Naitras: Slaves of the Sands.  The protagonist of the game is young Abraham as we mentioned before. In this post, we want to share the concept art of the game’s main heroine. This girl is a kind of antagonist, and her submission is one of…

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