ToD Fragments: Special fun (18+)

ToD Fragments: Special fun – v1.0 – Detailed news

  • A quest is completely ready, revealing one of the heroines of the game, as well as revealing some secrets of her past. In the future, she will become one of the central figures in the main plot.
  • In addition to revealing some of her secrets, you will get to know one more girl a little better.
  • 5 more new animated scenes were added to the existing scenes from v0.7, rich in actions and animations.
  • A new location was added;
  • Several sprite scenes and animations were added;
  • Most of the technical issues with a video that appeared in v.0.7 were fixed;


We are glad to present you Special fun – v1.0. The events that unfold here are related to a mysterious lady from a brothel.

A fragment is taken from the Threads of Destiny game.


October News

Greetings! We have got some news to share: To begin with, while examining the features of Unity and improving our skills in working on it, we transferred TOD Fragments: Special Fun to it, which had previously been released on RPGMakerMV. If you have already played TOD Fragments: Special Fun before, you will find hardly anything…

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