Aeternitas: Purpose (18+)

I don’t even know why we post information about it here, as it is impossible to calculate how much time, effort, and money we will need to spend on it to get started the development of this game. So, if you are not interested in reading about it, save your time and skip this part. Otherwise, you are welcome to read it.


This story begins partly right after the Naitras: Threads of Destiny story ends, partly several decades later in a more technologically advanced world in a completely different part of the Universe. Yes, it sounds confusing, but someday, after playing Naitras: Threads of Destiny, you will see what I mean.

The game will tell the story of a new character who, by the will of fate, will visit some places of the Universe that others can not even think of.

And yes, no one said that the story of the heroes of Naitras: Threads of Destiny will end when that game finishes. Not only for that story the higher ones created them.


News and first test Build

Hello everyone! We would like to share some of our developments on Naitras: Heir of the Taye. There is already something to show, but this is just a small fragment of the work we have done, which is more or less suitable for review. The first test build can be downloaded in this post.  Now,…

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News on the game Heir of the Taye

Hello everyone! We have some news about the current stage of work on the game. We have prepared a lot of environment sprites, and some of them have been assembled into a composition, which can be viewed at the links below. A small Demo will be released in April, where you can feel part of…

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December news

Greetings! We are still alive, just got very passionate about game development 😃 Follow this link and you will see several screenshots of the interim stage of work on the location of the Slaves of the Sands game. And this is a video of some part of the intro of the Naitras: Heir of the…

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October News

Greetings! We have got some news to share: To begin with, while examining the features of Unity and improving our skills in working on it, we transferred TOD Fragments: Special Fun to it, which had previously been released on RPGMakerMV. If you have already played TOD Fragments: Special Fun before, you will find hardly anything…

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